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Shredded by Charles O'Donnell
Coming in 2017

Shredded by Charles O'Donnell

Can you destroy an illusion, when an illusion is all there is?

Grace has a troubled past, recorded in detail in the Worldstream, the nearly infinitely detailed record maintained by the ubiquitous internet of things. Unfortunately, her lifestream has been hacked and thousands are reliving her life for cheap thrills. The thought of total strangers inhabiting her life haunts her to the point of disability. She hires a shredder to eliminate her lifestream. Her life will be hers again, but she'll be outside of the Worldstream - and she can never go back.

Alpha readers wanted! Read the first draft of Shredded on writeon by Kindle! Your comments and feedback are welcome, and I will acknowledge each of my contributors in the final version!

Moment of Conception by Charles O'Donnell

What...or killing our daughters?

A mysterious illness strikes down teenage girls, while a wave of abortion clinic bombings terrorizes the nation. As the death toll mounts, accusations fly and the battle lines are drawn: a global drug company, a presidential hopeful, and a beautiful and brilliant political operative stake out their positions. When the president forms a fact-finding commission to uncover the truth, he chooses Matt Bugatti, the world-famous mathematician, to lead it. Matt accepts - and enters a world of deception and danger that threatens his life and shatters his most deeply-held beliefs.

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The Girlfriend Experience by Charles O'Donnell

When you're on the run from cold-blooded killers, you need to know who your friends are.

Matt Bugatti has cracked the Internet's most secure code. Now the NSA and Chinese spies will stop at nothing to learn his secret. Unaware of the danger he faces, Matt meets glamorous Gina, a woman with a secret of her own. Life is good - until the conflict comes to a head and Matt finds himself threatened and alone. Then Matt discovers Gina's secret and his world turns upside-down. Pursued by two nations, running for his life, Matt takes control - and learns who he can trust in a world where no one is who they seem.

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