The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

If you read my post about first impressions you saw my best attempts at a cover that gets attention and sells books. The cover and the blurb – those are the levers the indie author can manipulate to get the prospective reader to give a book a look. Writing and cover design are different disciplines, so I admitted my shortcomings and hired a pro.

All I Want To Know Is, How Much?

In business school they teach you two things about pricing: Pricing is important. Pricing is tricky. I wanted to price my book at $9.99 out of the gate but my wife suggested $9.79 just to be different. I should have done some research–I was obviously pricing...

Facebook Ads: Do They Work?

In a previous post I wrote about my first Facebook ad. My judgment after a week was not positive. It’s been a month since that post. My Facebook Ad Campaign, titled Xmas 2012 has run its course. Here’s the final tally: Audience Reached: 4710 Average...