Charles O’Donnell writes thrillers with high-tech themes in international and futuristic settings. He recently retired from a career of thirty-five years in engineering to write full-time, leveraging his experience leading international teams to create compelling settings in faraway lands.

His latest books, Shredded, Shade, and Univirtual are the product of his fascination with the progress of technology to either augment reality or to replace it entirely, and his concern over the erosion of privacy in a world in which everything is shared online, and nobody reads the terms and conditions.

When Charles isn’t writing, he’s reading, and when he’s not reading or writing, he’s woodworking, stargazing, lawn-mowing, grapevine-tending or meat-grilling.

Charles lives with Helen, his wife, life partner and fellow paranoid in Westerville, Ohio.

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” People of privilege interpret loss of privilege as persecution.”

“I don’t write about what I know—what would be the point of that? But everything I know goes into what I write.”