The topic today is Search Engine Optimization–SEO. It’s best done organically.

That means I need to get the book out in the Internet, in places people look. In my previous post you read about my pitiful attempts at creating an Internet presence, including the ill-fated Facebook ad. That thing probably annoyed more potential readers than it attracted.

No, the way it’s done is to get on the book-related blogs and websites. So that’s my job. I started with a list of possible destinations. It’s grown to forty possible sites. I’m making it a goal to add one per night. So far:

Goodreads. Based on the forum chatter, the premier place for sharing reading experiences. I also created my author page. Two reviews already!

Shelfari. Like Goodreads. Shelfari is linked to Amazon. The book page lists a lot of information about the book, including characters, themes, locales and much more.

Pure Textuality. A group of independent reviewers. I submitted my book for a review last week but they’re not quoting a turnaround time. It could be months!

Predatory Ethics. Features a couple of indie authors each week. The Girlfriend Experience is slated for May 5.

Four down, thirty-six (or more) to go. And it won’t cost me a dime, just my time. Organic.