Anson gestured as he spoke, with his wide, pale palms facing upward.
“Jon, you think Matt’s this cool, calculating wonder boy, but he’s got another side to him. His family is first generation Italian, very traditional, very old school. If it was just his mama putting the arm on him to get married and make babies he could handle it. But that’s not just what his mother wants. It’s what he wants. He goes on and on about his home life, or lack thereof, and how this place is eating him alive. His love life is the shits, so he throws himself into his work. Then he spends all his time at his keyboard instead of the Knights of Columbus mixer meeting a nice Italian girl. It’s a vicious circle.”
“That doesn’t sound like a huge concern to me. Is it affecting his work?”
Anson grinned again. “Yeah, it’s affecting his work—for the better. He’s channeling all that sexual tension into his programming. I think we owe this breakthrough to a severe bout of horniness.”
“So there’s no problem, right? Matt keeps working and we hit our goal.”
Anson shook his head.
“Jesus Christ, Jon. Were you ever young? How long do you think Matt can keep that up? Sure, he’s making history right now, but if he doesn’t get laid soon he’s going to snap.”

From The Girlfriend Experience, Copyright © 2012, 2013 by Charles O’Donnell, All Rights Reserved

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