In a previous post I wrote about my first Facebook ad. My judgment after a week was not positive.

It’s been a month since that post. My Facebook Ad Campaign, titled Xmas 2012 has run its course. Here’s the final tally:

Audience Reached: 4710
Average Impressions: 84.4
Total Impressions: 397,524
Number of Click Throughs: 48
Click Through Ratio: 0.012%
Total Cost: $44.37
Cost per 1000 Impressions: $0.11
Cost per Click Through: $0.924

For those of you not familiar with the jargon, an impression is what Facebook calls it when someone sees my ad. They’re those little bits that show up to the right. A click through is what happens when they click on the ad.

A total of 4710 Facebook users saw my ad an average of 84.4 times each. I’m guessing it escaped their notice a majority of the time.

Bottom line: I paid an average of 92 cents per person to get 48 people to look at my Amazon page.

Over that same period of time I sold 18 copies, three returns, and three borrows. I know at least some of those were downloaded by friends and family. As for the rest, it’s impossible to tell if any of them were a result of my ad. It’s very likely that the cost of the campaign far exceeded the net revenue from sales.

The campaign ended on January 25. Since that time I’ve sold two copies and one of those was to my wife.

I just started up the campaign again. Since I’m working on edits, I won’t be doing much else in the way of promotion during the next few weeks. I’ll let you know if I see any sales, and if they correspond to any clicks from the ad.

But I still won’t know for sure.